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The New York City Chapter is a vibrant, diverse community dedicated to helping people with hearing loss lead more satisfying and productive lives.


We are one of 150 chapters, state associations and state offices of the Hearing Loss Association of America


At the chapter’s monthly meetings, speakers address topics such as hearing health, assistive technology, interpersonal strategies, and advocacy initiatives.

Meetings provide the information and support we need to empower our community.


A Board of Directors establishes chapter goals and oversees programs, with ad hoc committees addressing specific interests.



Our annual NYC Walk4Hearing, the largest of the HLAA Walks, helps finance our mission at the national and local levels. In addition to supporting the CART and induction loops that make our chapter meetings accessible, the NYC Walk funds outreach presentations and local advocacy efforts.

Although membership is not required to attend chapter meetings and most events, we will be more effective advocates with your support.


HLAA’s New York City chapter meets nine times a year (every month other than January, July and August) on Tuesday evenings. All meetings are at (Location TBD).  


The meetings feature speakers who share knowledge and answer questions on communication strategies, advocacy, technological advances, and other means of successfully coping with hearing loss.

All meetings feature open captioning and meeting rooms are equipped with audio loops, which transmit sound directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants equipped with telecoils. An ASL interpreter is available on request with five days notice.

Meetings also offer an opportunity to socialize and learn from others who live with hearing loss. 




Changing Culture, Changing Practice: Effective Communication in Healthcare

Toni Iacolocci, a member of the HLAA Board of Trustees and an ex-officio member of the HLAA-NYC Board of Directors, and Jody Prysock, a certified sign-language interpreter and former director of Language, Cultural & Disability Services at NYU Langone Medical Center, introduced their Guide for Effective Communication in Health Care - an internet resource aimed at helping people with hearing loss get the services they need in medical settings. In Jody's words, "Effective communication allows you to participate actively in your medical care and to make better and safer decisions."

A key component of the guide is the Communication Access Plan (CAP), a one-page, form you can complete and give to your healthcare providers. The CAP has checkable boxes allowing you to specify whether you use hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other devices; the accessibility services you need when getting medical treatment; how you want to be notified when you're in a waiting room; and the best way to contact you regarding test results and other follow-up information. Download the CAP, fill it out, and request that it be inserted in your medical record. To provide Toni and Jody with feedback about your experiences with the CAP, send an email to HealthcareAccess1@gmail.com.



What Audiologists Need to Know but Didn’t Learn in Graduate School: Help Us Help You

Barbara Weinstein, Professor and Founding Executive Officer of CUNY Graduate Center's Doctor of Audiology Program, and four of her doctoral students answered questions and listened to suggestions from audience members (including HLAA-NYC Treasurer Myra Schreibman, shown holding the microphone) about how audiologists can more effectively meet their patients’ needs. Dr. Weinstein, who is crafting a public service announcement to educate the public about hearing loss, also led a discussion about what HLAA members would like to see included.


Convention 2016, Washington, D.C.

Convention 2016, Washington, D.C.

HLAA’s 2017 national convention will take place June 22 to 25 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The convention features a wide range of programs, workshops and exhibits.